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We've created this blog space to journal events, discussions and happenings at this year's LSC TIG Conference in Austin (Jan. 17-19, 2007). Since a number of really cool people couldn't get in to the conference this year we hope this space will let all folks join the fun.

Any registered user of the site can login and add a comment to an existing post or create a new post. Once you're logged in you can use this add a blog entry page. When you a new entry make sure you categorize it in the "TIGCon07" blog.

For example it would be really nice if a someone with my tastes would post a list of Austin resturant recommendations. ;-)

Welcome to the Future Trends and Postulates blog.  The idea behind this blog is to highlight trends and innovations that could impact poverty law technology.  Any logged in user of can post comments to articles in this blog and we encourage you to join the LSNTAP community (click Connect! for information on how to join) and post your comments.