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I'm not sure if this is a trend, or postulate (although I just learned the definition of that word), but I just today came across this website and had an idea:

This company is providing 15,000 to projects where there is heavy community support. If there are organizations in your community and that don't have funding to provide computer equipment to the public in order to access information via the Internet (such as the legal aid websites), and you live in a rural area, pass this on to them as a possible funding opportunity! It doesn't look like the application process is too difficult.

Funding available through June 15, 07.


"When did you get in?" - a common salutation at legal aid conferences has taken on a new meaning at this years conference. With the crazy ice storm induced travel delays that has become a question you don't ask lightly this year. You ask it and you are going to get an earful. I understand it is all a part of the healing process so I don't begrudge it.

Personally, I was only 40 hours later than planned and most of my delay time was spent at home. Others weren't so fortunate.

I'm told when all was said and done about 90 of the 130 registered were able to make it to the conference. That leaves 40 or so of our comrades missing. To the missing 40 a simple prayer- may you find your way home and when you get there may your luggage be there waiting for you.


Here are two things (for now) that I was interested in talking to people about in Austin:

1) I'm looking for some affordable project management software. Some of the projects are tech-related, others are legal services delivery-related or pro bono program-related. I don't want to spend a fortune, and I really don't want part of the project to be learning how to use complicated project management software! Any ideas? I need help!


2) Is there a job description bank where we can deposit/withdraw sample job descriptions for positions of all sorts that entail some level of technology work?


While at TIGCon07 you're sure to come across a spiffy web site or resource you'd like to remember after the conference. What you'll be inclined to do is save the URL in your bookmarks folder on your laptop or jot it down on your notepad.

That is all well and good but it's awfully self centered, isn't it. With just a very little extra work and a social bookmarking tool you can share your spiffy bookmark with others in our community and feel good about living outside yourself.

This phenomenon of sharing bookmarks with others or social bookmarking harnesses the power community to tame the web. The premeir social bookmarking site is has registered over 1 million users.

I think with the concentrated time frame of the conference and a community oriented group of techies we could experiment with to see if it can be an effective means of sharing resources among our community. uses "tags" to label bookmarks. Let's use "TIGCon07" to tag any worthwhile site or resource we learn about at the conference and see what we end up with.

We've already set up a feed on LSNTAP to make any URL tagged with "TIGCon07" easily accessible. You can find our TIGCon07 feed here.

In order to get started tagging you need a free account. You can sign-up here.



We've created this blog space to journal events, discussions and happenings at this year's LSC TIG Conference in Austin (Jan. 17-19, 2007). Since a number of really cool people couldn't get in to the conference this year we hope this space will let all folks join the fun.

Any registered user of the site can login and add a comment to an existing post or create a new post. Once you're logged in you can use this add a blog entry page. When you a new entry make sure you categorize it in the "TIGCon07" blog.

For example it would be really nice if a someone with my tastes would post a list of Austin resturant recommendations. ;-)