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Today we held a webinar covering what all goes into creating and using a tech disaster plan. We started by thinking about four scenarios that exemplify the major kinds of disasters, loss of data, loss of power, loss of senior or key staff, and a breach. From there we look at some things that you will need to think about when coming up with a plan for each of these situations. Some of the more interesting things we covered included things like what is an acceptable level of downtime and how much risk are you willing to take on. At the end we looked at some case studies to see what real organizations have done when they found themselves in these positions.



Brian Rowe
Joshua Peskay


The websites mentioned in the video

Incident Responder’s Field Guide


The handout and slides

Disaster Checklist

Disaster Plan Slides

This week we have two cool new things to apply for. The first one is a RFP to update the Montana Legal Services Association(MLSA) website, the other is a call for session proposals for the Tech Innovations Conference coming in January of next year.
MLSA has received a grant through LSC to adapt Online Tennessee Justice into a similar website called Montana Free Legal Answers. To make this happen MLSA is looking for developers who are familiar with ABA Free Legal Answers to help with this task.
Important dates
June 19: RFP due
June 26: Work starts
September 1: Work must be completed
Full details including exact requirements and submission information can be found in the attachments below.
We are about seven months out from the 2018 Tech Innovations Conference and they are looking for proposals for sessions.
They are looking for sessions on a wide variety of topics ranging from using AI and Machine Learning to Gamification to all aspects of website design. They have a few different formats for the sessions to allow you to choose the one that best fits your material.
The first is the standard conference workshop. The second is a hands on lab or tech demo where people can see or try the thing you are talking about themselves. Both of these are 75 minutes long. The third is a 60 minute affinity group, this is designed to be more of an informal group discussion. Finally there are the 6 minute rapid fire talks. For these good slides and lots of practice is key for getting your message across and not running out of time. You can see some the 2016 Rapid Fire Tech Talks here.
Proposals are due by July 28 and notice of acceptance will be no later than September 15.

This webinar that introduces us to formula and functions in a video suitable for entry level users. Starting from zero we introduce what functions are an spend a lot of time explaining how Excel works and why it does some of the things it does. If you just have a little knowledge from tinkering with Excel but want a deeper understanding of how it works this is the video for you.


If you have spent a lot of time using Excel you might not get as much from this webinar, I would then suggest you take a look at the webinar on Excel Tables or this one for Intermediate Users.

Sart Rowe: LSNTAP
In this webinar we got a quick overview of some of what SharePoint can be used for and how it fits into the the family of Office products. We take a look at some of the basic parts of the interface and some of the most commonly used features. We pay special attention to permissions because they underpin all of the other collaborative tools SharePoint offers.
We also talk about adjustments you and your team should make when you start using SharePoint. We touch on topics such as managing the space in your shared storage wisely and how to structure files to reduce times spent searching.
If you and a few other people you are working with are using other parts of the Office family it would be well worth your time to watch this video and give SharePoint a spin, it may be just the thing you need.
We have a few more organizations that are looking for help, if you are looking for work take a minute to see if any of these requests interest you.
    RFP for Spanish Intake Application for LSNV
First up Legal Services of Northern Virginia has a RFP up for someone to design, develop, and publish an A2J Online intake Application in Spanish. The deadline for applications is coming up pretty soon, responses are due May 12th, 2017 or about 6 days from this posting going up.

If this is something that looks interesting take a look at the full Legal Services of Northern Virginia RFP here.
    RFP for Marketing Campaign for FJTC
Next up we have the Florida Justice Technology Center’s RFP for a person or firm to help design and run a marketing campaign for their updated website. This campaign will include both developing print ads, printed materials such as flyers and posters, and a constant stream up updates across a variety of social media channels.
The ideal proposal would come from someone with experience working with legal nonprofits, include an outline of expectations along with expected outcomes and costs,  and submit before the deadline of May 26, 2017.
If this is you take a look at the full Florida Justice Technology Center RFP here.
    Data Manager for NAPD
Our final posting is from the National Association for Public Defenders (NAPD). They are looking for someone to help manage the NAPD database, assist members with technical issues, and help maintain and promote five major listservs. This is a contract position for 12 months at 10 hours a week and flexible working locations, perfect for a student.
If this sounds interesting to you see the more detailed NAPD posting here.
Most of these postings have been gleaned from the LSNTAP Mailing list, if you want to see them before I post them here or post your own be sure to join the LSNTAP mailing list here.