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Introduction to PowerPoint

With a thank you to Sandy Rylander I'd like to present our latest webinar which covers the basics of Powerpoint. 

As usual if you would like to access the indexed version of the video follow the video back to youtube and look in the expanded description. There is a helpful guide in pdf format as well as a survey to fill out after watching the video.

Email Mailing Services

What are mailing lists


Iron Tech Lawyer

Iron Tech Lawyer



What: Iron Tech Lawyer: Access to Justice Edition

2015 Office of Information Technology (OIT) Intern



Over at LSC we are looking for a new intern in the DC area, this is aimed at students who have June through August free.

Password Managers and You

Password management software one of the most important pieces of technology that you most people don’t use. At the most basic level a password manager will store sensitive data like passwords and credit card numbers in a virtual wallet that you can access with a single master password. It will then use that data to automatically fill out the forms on websites that you designate, saving you time and freeing you from having to memorize countless passwords.


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