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Virtual and Remote Pro Bono Legal Services Models


Today with the help of Probono Net we explored some of the different ways Legal Aid orginazitions are using systems to remotely help people in need.


Our Guests included

Two Tech Training Tutorials: Better Websites and Using Tech

We recently added two excellent series of training videos from Idealware.


Upcoming Webinars

I just want to briefly go over the upcoming webinars we have scheduled and make sure everyone knows what we have coming up in the next couple months. founders Sandro Tuzzo and Larry Maloney have an ambitious goal, they aim to do to family law what TurboTTax has done for filing taxes. They have are are simplifying the process and pushing it online, and they are starting with divorces.


Document Assembly

Today we had a webinar focused on getting you up to speed on document assembly. We covered the basics and then discussed some of the different tools people used and their associated prices and tradeoffs. 
Laura Quinn, Idealware
Chris Alfano, Automated Document Producer

RFP for Website Development, Idaho Legal Aid Services

Our friends over at Idaho legal Aid Services are looking to get a website made. If you are interested please submit a proposal, and if you know anyone else who might be game for this send it their way. The full document can be downloaded here.



Request for Proposal

Advocacy and Advocate Training Tools

Next Generation Advocacy and Advocate Training Tools: This webinar will focus on new approaches to the design and delivery of substantive practice resources and tools for advocates. Examples will include “expert” tools that aid legal decision-making and new training models. 


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