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Today we had a webinar that covered a broad range of tech tips. We had a few audio glitches but, excellent presenters and materials carried us through. For an index of all the parts of the talk as well as links to all the resources mentioned follow the video to the YouTube page and check the description.

Slides can be found at

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I am happy to announce that we have four guides for helping people get online and active. To start off we have a guide showing you how to create a simple website that looks good and requires no coding. After that we talk about some of the ways to approch social media covering some of the best practices as well as things to avoid. We have a guide that talks about and demonstrates some easy tools and techniques for creating and distributing video content. Finally we dive into looking at your site's usability and how improve it.


Don't Panic


Website Usability Testing

Intro to Website Creation

Intro to Social Media

Intro to Video Editing





With a thank you to Sandy Rylander I'd like to present our latest webinar which covers the basics of Powerpoint. 

As usual if you would like to access the indexed version of the video follow the video back to youtube and look in the expanded description. There is a helpful guide in pdf format as well as a survey to fill out after watching the video.





What are mailing lists


Email services are great tools that let you reach out to your audience, be it clients, internal, or other professionals in the field. At their core they are a list of email addresses with some amount of additional information attached to them.


Why email in an age of social media


Even in this age of social media email has some unique strengths. Maybe the biggest one is email’s reliability, if you send an email out to a properly curated list you can be fairly certain they will all be seen if not read. With social media you pretty much have to pay for advertising to reach everyone subscribed. It’s good to have the means to communicate with your audience directly without being at the mercy of another company to actually display your message. In addition people tend to get a more social media than email coming at them in a given day, there is just less competition for attention.


Why not just send lots of emails with BCC and skip the paid service


First of all most mail accounts have a daily sending limit to limit spam, if your list is pretty large you could easily hit that and get locked out of sending any email at all. Secondly these services do a lot more than just send out messages. First of all it provides automation, common examples include sending out emails when someone joins your mailing list or on their birthdays. Secondly it provides analytics. It can be incredibly useful to know how many people opened your emails or clicked through the links it contains. It’s also nice to be able to watch subscription numbers and figure out what works to get people to subscribe. And third is perhaps my favorite feature, A/B testing. It allows you to make a change to an email and send it and the unmodified message out to a sample of your group and then send the more successful email to your remaining subscribers.


    What are some tips for using


Be proactive about getting people to sign up, it’s not enough to just have a signup form on your website. If you are at an event have a clipboard or mobile device and actively solicit addresses and be sure to include a link to sign up in your social media accounts. At the same time don’t sacrifice the quality of your list and pad your numbers with people that don’t care. It’s important to remember that your subscriber count doesn’t actually matter, what matters is your impact. Be sure to send things out regularly, once a month at an absolute minimum. You don’t want people to forget you exist, if nothing else a monthly newsletter is great. Set up a system that automatically sends an email to anyone that joins up that welcomes them and outlines how your mailing list works. It’s important to make sure they feel welcomed, and don’t feel spammed when they get more email than they expected.


The takeaway

A mailing list is a powerful tool for marketing and communication. Given that it requires minimal time and no money to set up there is no reason not to start one now. I suggest MailChimp as a a good place to get started.


This session will look a new Drupal-based triage and intake system developed by three New England programs. We built these new modules as an add-on feature to our existing statewide Drupal websites.  We are excited about how these turned out and want to share with others who are looking for similar solutions. The work has been challenging but exciting and we welcome this opportunity to bring you the next generation of online triage. The advantages of online intake include: 24/7 access, pre-screening and no busy signals.

The people working on this project are Kathleen Caldwell, Kathy Daniels, Sandra Gluck, and Brian Dyer Stewart.

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