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3 Sources of Photos for Your Presentations

Earlier today I was helping a client with an upcoming Ignite presentation.  They asked "where can I find photos?"  These were my three suggestions:

RSS Readers & Customized Dashboards

RSS stands for "Rich Site Summary" and it is a dialect of XML. For a more thorough technical definition of RSS, See "What is RSS?" an LSNTAP Blog post.  Although the technical definition of RSS isn't the easiest to understand, don't let that scare you away from this useful tim

Mobile Phones for Service Delivery Slides & Video

More Than Apps: Affordable Program Delivery Through Mobile Phones


Lindsey Bealko, Expert Trainer, Idealware

Updates to Popular Blog Posts

I've been going through old blog posts to make sure our information is all up to date. Here are some popular posts that have been updated. I made sure all the links are working, added some more relevant information, and removed outdated information. I will continue to go through the posts and update everyone accordingling. If you ever find an outdated article or an aritcle with broken links, please let me know. You can either comment on this post or email me at

Back to School with 50 Tech Tips Video & Summary

Back to School with 50 Tech Tips 9/10/2014

A perennial favorite, join us as we present 50 new technology tips! From new tools to new hacks, start the school season off right with this fast-paced session.  Pulling from a broad range of presenters -- from technologists, website administrators, attorneys, to tips from the community -- the hour will fly by


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